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How to Protect Your Smart Jewelry

on Mar 16, 2021 8:25 AM
How to protect smart jewelry

As wearable technology evolves, more tech companies are collaborating with jewelry manufacturers and designers to keep smart jewelry on the forefront of fashion.

And it’s not only with smart watchesWe’re starting to see wearable tech that isn’t even recognizable as such at first glance – it’s just as beautiful as high-end fine jewelry.

With elevated fashion comes a higher price tag, which begs the question of how best to protect smart jewelry, including luxury products like the Apple Watch™ and Hermès collaboration.

Whether you count your steps with your Fitbit Versa 2, monitor your sleep with Leaf Urban by Bellabeat or hit the trails with your Garmin, you'll want to keep your new toy insured for maximum protection.

As you invest in a new piece, you may be wondering “Can I buy insurance for my smart watch or jewelry?” Yes! Jewelers Mutual Group is proud to provide repair or replacement coverage for smart jewelry, at the same level and for the same perils as all other jewelry we insure.

Insurance for Your Smart Jewelry

Jewelers Mutual provides the same level of coverage for smart jewelry (including smart watches) as we do for all other pieces of jewelry. You get the same kind and quality repair or replacement for jewelry that is:

  • Lost
  • Damaged
  • Stolen
  • Or mysteriously disappears

And, as always, stay safe traveling with worldwide coverage.

What is Smart Jewelry?

Smart jewelry is a category of wearable technology that includes any wearable designed to be worn on the body in the same manner as traditional jewelry. This includes categories such as bracelets, rings, watches, pendants and cuff links. From taking phone calls and replying to texts, to checking the weather and tracking your workouts, smart jewelry has become a way to stay connected to your contacts, your health and more.

What's Covered Under Jewelers Mutual?

Smart Watch Insurance Coverage Chart

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How does this compare to a warranty or protection plan?

Comprehensive repair and replacement coverage from Jewelers Mutual includes protection against accidental loss, theft, damage and mysterious disappearance, types of coverages not always found in typical warranties or protection plans.

For all of these types of damages or loss, it will be repaired or replaced through the jeweler or manufacturer of your choice, with same kind and quality – up to the amount it costs to repair or replace the item or the amount you have chosen to insure the item for.

What’s not included in smart jewelry coverage?

Jewelers Mutual does not cover loss or damage to personalized data or customized software. Loss or damage due to virus, programming errors, technological obsolescence, or any indirect loss, is also not covered. Basically, we cover the entire physical object, but not the data that it houses. A Data Exclusion endorsement will be attached to all policies with an effective date of August 1, 2015, or later.

What happens if there’s a newer model available when I damage or lose mine?

Just like regular jewelry, we cover for the repair or replacement of same kind and quality as the original. If you want to upgrade to the newest model at the time of your claim, you’re responsible to pay the difference, just like you would be if you wanted to upgrade the stone in your engagement ring. As always, we encourage everyone to carefully review their coverage options before deciding which protection method is best for them.

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