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How to Store Jewelry On-the-Go

on Apr 11, 2016 3:40 PM

“Don’t wear that in the pool!”

“You better take that off before you cover it in sunscreen.”

“It’s not good for your jewelry to wear it in the gym.”

“Don’t wash your hands with that diamond on!”

As soon as your ring finger is sporting a certain-something-sparkly, advice on how to store, clean and care for your jewelry comes at you from all directions. While it’s not always top-notch advice, depending on the source, there are certainly quite a few activities that pose a threat to your jewelry.

If you heed this advice and remove your ring while swimming, cooking, exercising, sunbathing, washing your hands, putting on lotion, cleaning with certain chemicals, etc., what do you do with it?

While some of these activities take place at home where you can easily store your jewelry safely, what about those that take place in public?

I don’t know about you, but I know I’m guilty of taking off my ring at the nail salon and setting it on the manicurist’s station. How easy would it be for a fellow salon-goer to swipe that right out from under my nose while I admire my manicure?

How to Store Jewelry Traditionally

With a little advanced planning, a traditional jewelry roll or small travel case is a great option for impromptu storage.

Buckled Jewelry Roll

Buckled Jewelry Roll (Photo courtesy: Leatherology)



A slim case like this Buckled Jewelry Roll from Leatherology (shown above) would slip nicely into any purse or tote bag. As would the "Caroline" Travel Jewelry Case by Wolf (below), available at Nordstrom.

Caroline Travel Jewelry Case

"Caroline" Travel Jewelry Case (Photo courtesy: Nordstrom)


If you always have your purse with you, either of these would work just fine.

But, if you’re anything like me, you don’t always have your purse on you.

Lion Latch: The Portable Jewelry Tote

There are so many situations in which it’s ideal to remove your fine jewelry that it’s nearly impossible to plan ahead for them all, leaving your precious pieces safely at home. Realistically, there will be times when you need to unexpectedly take your jewelry off.

Lion Latch to the rescue.


How to store jewelry on the go with Lion Latch

Getting in a quick workout? Lion Latch protects the small jewelry you love when you can't wear it. (Photo courtesy: Lion Latch)


This small plastic container fits inconspicuously onto your keychain (or any place else you want to hook it). And it’s super easy to use:

Just remove the cap, drop your ring, necklace or other small jewelry into the container, put the cap back on and hook the carabiner through the hole at the top.

Lion Latch promises it won’t come unscrewed, break or fall off as long as it’s used properly.

And, it’s less than $10!

Your engagement ring and pocket will never meet again.


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Beautiful pic me

Lisa Bowen

Need more then 1☺️

Susan Duquette

In reply to by Anonymous (not verified)

Totally! One for your purse, one for your gym bag, one for your car...

Chelsea Drusch

Need more then 1☺️

Susan Duquette

Love this idea as it is always so hard to find a Safe yet versital place for my beautiful rings

Doreen McCarthy

In reply to by Anonymous (not verified)

Couldn't agree more. Thanks for reading!

Chelsea Drusch

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