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Memorial Jewelry Keeps Your Loved Ones Close

on Dec 8, 2020 9:02 AM
Memorial Jewelry

You can still picture the loops and swirls of your grandmother’s handwriting, forever emblazoned on a note with the homemade cookies she wouldn’t let you leave without.

Or on the birthday card she sent each year without fail, always scented with her signature perfume.

Memories like these will be forever ingrained in your mind.

What if you could keep these memories alive not only in your mind, but with jewelry?

The Infinite Possibilities of Memorial Jewelry

There are so many ways to commemorate a loved one! Memorial jewelry can be personalized with signatures, inscriptions and even fingerprints. Or you could choose a more tangible reminder, like cremation ash jewelry.

Overwhelmed by seemingly infinite choices?

Your memorial jewelry will mean the most if it's a true reflection of the person you're commemorating.

Like a funky cuff you wear to remind you of your trendy Aunt Jenna or a simple locket that was always your Mom’s favorite.

The beauty of customized memorial jewelry is that each piece is as special as that person was to you.

Here are a few examples of memorial jewelry that blend sentimentality with modern fashion:

Signature Jewelry

Several Etsy jewelry designers specialize in engraving handwriting onto jewelry. They take a photo of an old letter, card or document with a message or signature on it and transform it into a beautiful piece of jewelry.


Handwriting Necklace Memorial Jewelry
Handwriting Necklace from MadisonHouseDesigns



Signature Bracelet Memorial Jewelry

Signature Bracelet from CaitlynMinimalist


Handwriting Cuff Memorial Jewelry

Handwriting Cuff from GracePersonalized


Fingerprint Jewelry

Another option is to send a scanned photo of your loved one's fingerprint via email and design a piece that’s as unique as the fingerprint itself.

This option requires a bit of advanced planning, but if you have the opportunity, you can capture a fingerprint with a kit from Brett & Jess or learn how to take a fingerprint with a pencil.


Fingerprint Necklace Memorial Jewelry

Fingerprint Necklace from GracePersonalized

Memorial fingerprint pendant

Fingerprint Pendant from Brent & Jess


Jewelry is more than metal and stone. It’s a part of you and represents the people and moments in your life that matter most.

Whether you’re looking for a unique gift for a grieving friend or a way to hold your own loved one near and dear, these examples are beautiful ways to keep your memories close.


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