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Perfect Proposal Chicago: One Year Later

on Dec 30, 2015 8:36 AM

As Jared would say, it's been a whirlwind of a year, hasn't it? As we reflect on all the great memories we’re so grateful to be a part of, our thoughts turn once again to last year at this time.

As visions of holiday proposals dance in our heads, we recall the great pleasure we had meeting Jared Rogers in Chicago after he won our Perfect Proposal contest. What joy we had helping him create the most memorable proposal for his now fiancée, Whitney!

It was a magical December evening at the Historic Water Tower in Chicago … a cellist gracefully playing “Halleluiah” by Jeff Buckley in the background, Whitney’s favorite song, and Jared asking her one of the most important questions of his life.

Four little words, “Will. You. Marry. Me?”

One seemingly simple but life-altering answer escaped Whitney’s lips, “Yes!”


It was music to our ears.

We recently chatted with Jared about the one-year anniversary of his and Whitney’s epic holiday proposal and what the couple has been up to since.

Here’s what Jared had to say:

Last year around this time, Whitney and I were sharing our happiness and commitment with our friends, family and everyone at Jewelers Mutual who made my 'Perfect Proposal' dream a reality. 

Flash forward to this December, Whitney and I  moved across town, traveled to various parts of the country together, excelled in our artistic projects and have both been promoted in our positions at work.

Jared and Whitney in San Francisco

Jared and Whitney enjoyed a trip to California this year.

Why rush it
This has been a very busy year for us and every time we start to plan our wedding we both have a different vision of how we would like our day to transpire. Our advice to other couples in our position is to not succumb to the pressure of those around you to rush everything. You have the rest of your lives, and while planning this one day is important, it is more important to focus on your growth as a couple and who each one of you are as individuals.

Take your time. Everyone's path is different. Enjoy this step, just being engaged.

Listen to the music
In the end, what type of flowers or venue we chose will be the least of our concerns. Of the few planning details where we see eye to eye, we have decided we prefer live music at our reception and that we most definitely want to have a fall wedding. We are fortunate to be surrounded with fellow artists as friends so there most likely will be live performances during our reception.

Photos tell the story
We also have several friends who are photographers by trade who offered to take our engagement photos and photograph our wedding! We may have three or four photographers total and we believe pictures are the most important part of the wedding as that's what you'll take away as memories. Several of our friends have given us the advice that if we have to splurge on anything, do so on photos and to never have that be where you cut budget.

Fun family photo

A fun family photo opp!

Setting the date
Our prospective wedding date is October 7, 2017. Most likely either the ceremony or reception will occur outdoors. And as far as a honeymoon, we are keen on the destinations Tokyo, Japan or Bangkok, Thailand as those cities are on both of our bucket lists.

Saving for the big day
Whitney and I will be paying for our wedding ourselves, so the advance date will allow us to save for a day we'll always remember. We are both fond of the idea to have a Honeyfund instead of receiving newlywed gifts, which is an idea we recommend couples consider.

Whitney and I are relishing this stage in our lives and are extremely appreciative of Jewelers Mutual for all you have done to make our proposal something we'll never forget.

Jared and Whitney

Cheers to the happy couple!

Being able to share in their proposal was such a special moment for us. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for this fun-loving and adventurous couple next. It’s sure to be amazing.

Have your own engagement tips?

Newly engaged couples everywhere will thank you for taking the time to share your experience in the comment box below.