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Minimalist Jewelry for Any Occasion

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What does it mean to be a minimalist? It means you firmly believe that a little goes a long way. This holds true for your jewelry choices as well—just a guess, but you are probably never going to be the guest who shows up to the party in head-to-toe diamonds (or a tiara as the case may be). 

How are we defining minimalist jewelry? Classic pieces (like a single strand of pearls, diamond stud earrings or a slender, elegant gold herringbone chain) come to mind. These jewelry wardrobe staples are timeless and always worn in moderation. 

Minimalist jewelry might also encompass pieces with clean lines and/or sculptural shapes (think: Elsa Peretti’s iconic bone cuff, Tabayer’s tubular Oera ring, or the work of Georg Jensen and other practitioners of the Scandi jewelry style). 

If this sounds like your vibe—or one you aspire to achieve—keep reading for more on minimalist jewelry style. 


Minimalist Fashion: A “Blank Canvas” For Minimalist Jewelry

Minimalist jewelry goes hand in hand with minimalist fashion. Clothing that could be described as minimalist might involve a wardrobe comprised of well-made classic pieces, usually in solid colors, with plenty of neutrals—no prints here; ditto vibrant colors. And absolutely no frills or flourishes. Minimalists have often pared down their wardrobe to a tight rotation of essentials in timeless silhouettes (e.g., a black cashmere sweater, a trench coat, or a straight skirt in navy lambswool). 

In fashion, minimalism prioritizes a sense of equilibrium, harmony, and uncomplicated elegance. Against this less-is-more backdrop, wearing minimalist jewelry—for just a hint of polish and personal flair—would be the right idea.

Whether you are dressing for every day or a formal black-tie event, minimalist jewelry tends to work in either context. A single chain necklace or a bangle detailed with subtle diamond accents would be just right. 


Minimalist Style Icons

If you’re looking for minimalist jewelry style inspiration, there are a few minimalist style icons whose personal taste might point you in the right direction. The late Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy will forever be known as a minimalist style icon. She favored a neutral color palette—white shirts, black tops, gorgeous camel skirts—and classic silhouettes worn with delicate jewelry (like simple pearl stud earrings and the diamond and sapphire eternity band that served as her engagement ring) and chic handbags (like Prada’s Spazzolato tote). 

Actress Jennifer Aniston is known for her streamlined, form-fitting red-carpet gowns and laidback, lived-in style when she’s off duty. 

An example from TV would be Shiv Roy on HBO’s Succession, whose carefully chosen jewels, while subtle, always stood out (and looked quite expensive) against her tailored outfits. These minimalist ensembles often included sleek solid-color turtlenecks and lots of white blouses and tops. The media even gave her style a name: “quiet luxury” and made the case that every character on the show favored a version of the same aesthetic.


Less-is-More: A Lifestyle Choice 

A true minimalist strives to streamline their life, avoids ostentation, and sidesteps anything that smacks of excessive or frivolous. Instead, they focus on quality brands and materials. When it comes to minimalist jewelry, the person wearing it will often reach for the same pieces every day and do so for years and years! And they only purchase new jewelry with careful consideration—nothing trendy or spur-of-the-moment. Their minimalist jewelry purchase must be a piece that is timeless above all and pairs well with their (well-curated) existing pieces.


Shopping for Minimalist Jewelry

Are you loving all this talk of minimalist jewelry? Here are some ideas to inspire your next shopping adventure.


Minimalist Rings

If you’re engaged or married, your engagement ring and/or wedding band might be all the jewelry you need. Minimalist rings could also be Cartier’s iconic Trinity ring, a vintage signet ring, or a subtly textured cigar band.


Minimalist Earrings

Diamond studs. Full stop. Maybe pearl studs, too. And elegant gold hoop earrings (not too big, please), perhaps a huggie style that sits close to the ear, are perfect for minimalist jewelry lovers. If you’re the type of minimalist jewelry lover who is okay with larger-scale pieces (remember, they’re clean-lined or sculptural, even organic-feeling), try Bottega Veneta’s iconic silver teardrop earrings or a pair of Shaune Leane talon-shaped danglers. 


Minimalist Necklaces

True minimalists know that the simple elegance of a gold link chain (like a paperclip style) might be all that is needed to make whatever they’re wearing look a little more elegant and polished. A strand of pearls should be a staple of any jewelry minimalist’s wardrobe. A diamond solitaire pendant, whether “floating,” set in prongs, or rimmed in a gold bezel, would also qualify. Also consider bar necklaces, and single pendants (like an initial, zodiac sign, or birthstone). Should you want to go a little bolder, a simple gold or white metal torque that fits like a choker or sits just above the collarbone is also a beautifully minimalist choice.


Minimalist Bracelets

For many minimalist jewelry lovers, Elsa Peretti’s bone cuffs, perfectly sculpted to fit the right or left wrist, are the holy grail. Keeping this in mind, any bold, wide gold or silver cuff, or even a more understated bangle, would be the right vibe. Worn on its own, a David Yurman cable bracelet makes a minimalist statement; ditto a Cartier Love bracelet. 

Minimalist jewelry lovers who prefer a delicate look should go with super lightweight chain bracelets, perhaps set with a tiny gemstone or diamond. Even better: you can get a super thin and delicate chain bracelet soldered to your wrist. It’s a minimalist look with minimal maintenance—you’ll never have to take this type of bracelet off!


How to Style Minimalist Jewelry

Styling minimalist jewelry calls for a less-is-more approach, with one standalone piece being the star of the show (necklace or earrings, almost never at the same time), plus a flicker of something on your finger or wrist. 

These days, it’s trendy to wear delicate fine jewelry styles in multiples. This may sound like the antithesis of minimalist but hear us out: An ear stack (i.e., small stud earrings layered up the ear—multiple piercings required!) feels in line with a minimalist jewelry lover’s general taste; ditto very, very thin stacking bands worn on a single finger. Alternatively, you could layer a few delicate chains and pendants—but that might be pushing it!

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