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Traditional Diamond … or Custom Puzzle Ring?


If you’ve always dreamed of a big, round, brilliant diamond ring, we don’t blame you.

But you don’t want to have the same style of ring as your childhood friend, your co-worker, and the barista who knows exactly what you order, do you?

What if you could have your cake and eat it, too?

A custom-crafted puzzle ring could be the perfect balance between on-trend and unique.

What is a Puzzle Ring?

According to leading designer Puzzle Ring Emporium, it's a unique ring created from multiple bands that fit together in a specific way, which then form a perfect ring.

Sounds like a game, right?

In fact, puzzle rings were often found as children’s accessories in the 50s and 60s. These fun novelties were made of basic metal, resembling oddly-shaped paper clips.

They aren’t all cheap kids’ toys, though. Puzzle Ring Emporium has designed and hand-crafted solid precious metal puzzle rings since 1947. They’ve even designed rings for the likes of John F. Kennedy and Elvis Presley – and that’s no child’s play.

The Legend of Puzzle Rings

So, why would a ring that doubles as a fun pastime be used as a wedding ring?

Diamond .20ct Ladies' Puzzle Ring

Diamond .20ct Ladies' Ring

A well-known, but unconfirmed, legend claims puzzle rings were originally designed to prevent infidelity. The story goes like this:

“A husband would give his wife a puzzle ring as a wedding ring and not tell her the solution to the ring. It was believed that if the woman decided to be unfaithful and removed the ring, it would fall apart and she would be unable to put it back together in time to avoid discovery. The husband, upon seeing the disassembled ring, would know that his wife was cheating on him.”

While we don’t exactly endorse this method, it makes for a fun story.

Our Favorite Puzzle Rings

Intrigued by the charm? Here a few of our favorites:

Puzzle ring

4L Ladies Puzzle Ring

A simple and elegant puzzle ring that features thin bands. It's available in sterling silver, gold or platinum.

Sapphire .25ct Ladies' Puzzle Ring

Sapphire .25ct Ladies' Ring

Here’s another ring that incorporates a current engagement ring trend – colored stones. This ring, like all Emporium creations, is available in sterling silver; 10K, 14K & 18K yellow, white & rose gold; and platinum.

10T Men's Puzzle Ring

10T Men's Ring

Looking for a men’s ring? They’ve got those too. This one has 10 bands – sure to be a good challenge!

Added Bonus: Puzzle rings also make a great heirloom. Do you have a puzzle ring in your family? We’d love to hear about it! Tell us about it in the comments box below.