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Traveling with Jewelry: What No One Warns You About

on May 1, 2019 9:34 AM

When jewelry is lost or damaged while traveling, the sense of panic doubles. You’re far from home and don’t have easy access to the resources you might normally consult – your jeweler, the local police, your insurance company.

Sadly, jewelry loss while traveling is a reality. A Jewelers Mutual survey of 600 married women found that more than 25 percent have lost a piece of jewelry while vacationing.

Despite the risks, sometimes your jewelry is important to you and you don’t want to leave it behind. Or, maybe your outfit never feels complete without a little bit of bling. We get that.

Either way, here’s a how-to guide on avoiding the hazards of traveling with jewelry:

Traveling with jewelry: Don't put it in checked luggage

Hazard #1: The Airport

Security screeners, baggage handlers, flight attendants, fellow passengers. Many hands might touch your luggage before you touch down at your destination.

Minimize the temptation by wearing your jewelry on travel day or packing it in your carry-on, rather than checked baggage.

Traveling with jewelry: Don't leave it with bellhop

Hazard #2: The Hotel

One of the best perks of traveling is the assistance you get from friendly staff at the hotel, restaurants and transit services.

By all means, let the bell hop carry your heavy luggage, just handle the carry-on - and the precious jewelry inside - yourself.

Traveling with jewelry: Don't bring it to the beach

Hazard #3: The Beach

Be smart when playing in the sand and surf and leave your jewelry indoors. And by indoors, we specifically mean in the hotel safe, not hanging out vulnerably in your room or luggage.

Traveling with jewelry: Be aware of your surroundings

Hazard #4: Thieves

Depending on your destination, mugging or burglary might be of concern. Resist the temptation to show off your favorite jewels and instead take measures to conceal, not reveal.

Tuck that diamond pendant into your shirt and turn your wedding ring around to hide the rock.


Hazard #5: Lack of Protection

Sometimes, even the best-laid plans fail. In the worst-case scenario, would your jewelry be protected? Make sure it’s properly insured for the full current value, with a policy that extends worldwide. (Like ours!)

Of course, the best way to avoid damage or loss while on vacation is to simply leave your jewelry at home. It’s a perfect opportunity to drop it off with your jeweler for an inspection and cleaning – something you should do a couple times a year anyway.

Have additional tips & tricks for traveling with jewelry? We’d love to hear them!


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