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What Color Jewelry Should I Wear?

Different colored jewelry on display

Wear what you love. That’s the golden rule when it comes to selecting jewelry to pair with any outfit, so long as the pieces are suited to the occasion and dress code (shoulder-dusting neon feather earrings may not be the best choice for a day at work in the corporate world). 

When in doubt, pearls and diamonds literally go with everything and look good on everyone. Moonstones and labradorite likewise tend to read as “neutral” in color so they’re a good “throw them on and forget about it” option when you’re dressing in a hurry. 


What Color Jewelry Should I Wear With My Outfit?

To keep the decisions quick and easy, you can choose one of two approaches: select jewelry that matches the colors in your outfit or jewelry that creates a bit of contrast. A uniform or monochrome color palette creates a more cohesive look. On the other hand, contrasting gemstone jewelry adds a touch of interest and unique flair to your ensemble. 

Here are some ideas for pairing jewelry with a variety of colors.


What color jewelry should I wear with black?

Sparkling diamonds (or clear gemstones like white topaz) can add a touch of elegance and glamour to black outfits. Their transparent nature stands out beautifully against the dark backdrop. Black with pearls is another classic pairing (think of Audrey Hepburn in her little black dress in the opening scene of Breakfast at Tiffany’s).


What color jewelry should I wear with white?

With white, show off gemstones like sapphires, rubies, emeralds, even citrine, amethyst, vibrant lapis lazuli, or vivid coral. Like richly pigmented paint on canvas, the contrast is striking and eye-catching. Getting married? The soft pastel blue of aquamarine is dreamy with a white wedding gown.


What color jewelry should I wear with brown/beige?

Yellow gold (or rose gold) jewelry adds warmth and richness to neutral earth tones. Pearl jewelry, especially if the pearls are very creamy or golden in color, also looks gorgeous with brown or beige clothing.


What color jewelry should I wear with gray?

Silver jewelry pairs well with gray, while yellow gold creates contrast. If you have any vintage red or pink coral, don’t save it for summer—nothing looks prettier with a gray cashmere sweater. Because gray is neutral, it’s also the perfect backdrop for colored beads (amber would be particularly beautiful!).


What color jewelry should I wear with navy blue?

Clear or white gemstones like diamonds, white topaz, or quartz crystal add sparkle and elegance to navy blue. Ditto the luminous quality of pearls. Also bold, chunky gold jewelry (think: a retro mariner or bamboo link chain) can look very sophisticated with navy blue. Imagine a jumble of Cartier Love bracelets peeking out from under the sleeve of a navy blue blazer—so chic!


What color should I wear with pastel blue?

When worn with pale, icy blues, aquamarine or blue topaz will telegraph major Elsa (from Frozen) vibes. (But please no shimmery blue eye shadow if you go this route.) Blue lace agate is another coordinating gemstone choice. Or think pink: try delicate gemstones such as rose quartz or angel skin coral.


What color jewelry should I wear with red?

Black gemstones (like onyx or black diamonds) or black Tahitian pearls create a graphic, striking contrast when worn with red clothing. For the ultimate in classic romance, go for the gold—with red, two warm tones are better when combined. And is there anything more deluxe than red plus rubies? Recall what Julia Roberts wore to the opera in Pretty Woman and you’ll instantly understand what we mean.  


What color jewelry should I wear with orange?

A tricky one. Stick to metal-only jewelry stories or neutral gemstones like moonstones and labradorite. Pearls could be pretty, too, and if have a citrine, fire opal, or mandarin garnet statement necklace (like what Sandra Oh wore to the 2023 Oscars)? Don’t hesitate when you reach for that tangerine dress or sweater.


What color jewelry should I wear with yellow?

Blue gemstone jewelry such as sapphire and turquoise contrasts beautifully with yellow. White metals will likewise create an interesting visual with the sunny warmth of a bold lemon or goldenrod hue. 


What color jewelry should I wear with green?

Emeralds always, especially if the green is a darker shade. For a high-contrast look, consider pearls or white agate (green and white together always feels springy and fresh). Also, the multiple blue-green hues that tend to manifest in opals will deepen when worn with garments in shades of green.


What color jewelry should I wear with purple?

Wearing jewelry with stones in complementary shades of blue or violet works best with purple (so think amethyst, tanzanite, or sapphires). Purple tends to be a festive color, the perfect hue for wearing to parties. Which is why diamonds look so good with this color—a regal combination if ever there was one! 


What color jewelry should I wear with burgundy?

The creamy tones of pearls are super elegant with the color burgundy. When you wear it with colored gems, that plummy red-wine hue almost reads as a neutral so the possibilities are endless. Sparkling yellow citrines would pop on a burgundy backdrop; deep-red garnets or rubies on a plunging neckline would be gorgeous, too. We’d also suggest yellow gold so that everything feels extra warm and rich.


What color jewelry should I wear with pink?

Rose gold jewelry is the ideal complement to pink, especially when coupled with pastel or blush pink gemstones like rose quartz, morganite, angel skin coral, or pink opal. The flashes and subtle undertones of rose and peach in these gems will deepen when worn with a pink outfit. Add a swipe of your favorite pink lipstick to intensify this effect.

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