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What Worldwide Coverage Really Means

on Mar 2, 2023 11:00 AM
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We often boast that Jewelers Mutual’s personal jewelry insurance includes worldwide coverage. Now, we’re not saying that’s not something to brag about, but we do get a lot of questions about the specifics of certain travel situations.

So, look no further for a detailed explanation on what Jewelers Mutual’s worldwide coverage really means.

Home Address

First things first: The home address of the jewelry wearer and the primary applicant, if they’re different, do need to be in the United States or Canada (coverage is not available in Québec).

Let’s define “jewelry wearer.” The address of the person who is actually wearing the jewelry on a regular basis is the one we use to help determine your annual premium.

For example, if your fiancé purchases your engagement ring and your jewelry insurance, his name and personal information will be listed as the primary policyholder.  However, if you don’t live at the same address, your address - the address of the jewelry wearer - is used to determine your premium and eligibility.

(Did we mention he’s also a keeper if he buys you a ring and insures it?)

Global Travel

Once initial eligibility is determined, your coverage accompanies you wherever you travel, across the globe. Whether you travel to another state or province within the U.S. or Canada or to another country, you are still covered for all the same perils you would be at home.

We hope you now feel totally confident in the definition of worldwide coverage. If you have additional questions, please share them in the comments!


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