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Why You Need to Keep a Personal Jewelry Inventory

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Whether you have an extensive jewelry collection or not, there are circumstances in which it is vital to have quick access to a record of all the jewelry you own.

If you have a large collection, it may be nearly impossible to recount from memory every piece of jewelry you own. In the case of fire, flood or other natural disaster that destroys your belongings, your insurance company will need proof of what you had in order to reimburse you or replace it with same kind and quality.

If you lose jewelry and it's recovered, you may need to provide proof of ownership in order to claim it. Sometimes a picture of you wearing the piece is sufficient, but even that may be harder to locate than you think.

In any circumstance where you need to prove your jewelry's value, your ownership of said jewelry or both, it's fastest, easiest and most stress-free to have a dedicated personal jewelry inventory at the ready.

How to Inventory Your Jewelry

Depending on the size and value of your collection, you could go as simple as a dedicated photo album on your phone or as complex as specialized software with serial numbers, documentation and pictures.

From simplest to most complex, here are some great options for creating a personal jewelry inventory.

1. Photo Album

Simply take photos of each piece of fine jewelry you own. One close up, showing the details of the piece, and one with your face in it, to prove you're the owner. Save them all to a dedicated album on your phone, where it's easy to access.

You could even snap pictures of any receipts, appraisals or certifications you have for your jewelry and keep those in the album, too.

Just make sure to always lock your phone and consider extra precautions to secure sensitive data.

2. Personal Jewelry Inventory Template

Looking for more than just a photo album? Lucky for you, we designed a downloadable jewelry inventory template!

You can either print out the template or edit it from your computer by typing the info in each of the rows. Be sure to still include a photo of your jewelry piece, either saving it onto your computer or printing it out in a photo album.

Download jewelry inventory template here.

3. Excel Spreadsheet

If you're the more organized and Excel-savvy type and would like your inventory to look a certain way, you could bump it up a notch and go with a from-scratch spreadsheet inventory.

You'll want to include details like:

  • Jewelry Type
  • Latest Appraised Value
  • Description (including brand name, carat, color, clarity, etc., if applicable)
  • Date of Ownership
  • Identification Number (if you have one)

Wherever you save the spreadsheet, also save pictures of each item and any appraisals, receipts or certifications.

Extra data safety precautions apply to your computer as much as they do your phone. Always take measures to protect your financial data.

4. Dedicated Software

Simply search for "home inventory software" and you'll find a handful of apps and software products available to help you categorize your belongings.

Some can be downloaded for free while others you do have to pay. Depending on features important to you, and whether you have an Apple or Android operating system, you'll surely find the best home inventory software for your needs.

No matter which method you choose, you've taken an important step toward ensuring you're covered in the event of an insurance claim. Just another thing to help you wear your jewelry with peace of mind.

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