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Your Weight Loss Could Put Your Jewelry at Risk

on Feb 22, 2013 9:44 AM

Weight loss

If you’ve been working hard on a New Year’s resolution, chances are your star performance is making you feel Oscar-worthy today - especially if your goal is to lose weight.You may have noticed things fitting a little looser throughout the past few weeks, maybe even your rings.

We want to make sure you’re taking the best care of your jewelry and if you notice your rings either sliding around too much (or fitting too snuggly which can be dangerous too), it’s time to visit your trusted jeweler to ensure a safe, proper fit. 

What else may put you at risk for jewelry loss or damage?

  • A body in motion. Contact sports and activities like running or kick-boxing can put your jewelry at increased risk for chips, breaks and accidental removal. Consider going bling-free when you’re most-active.
  • Climate changes. Colder temperatures can cause fingers to constrict and make rings more likely to fall off. When it gets down to single-digits, make sure the rings on your digits are secure.
  • Winter accessories. Gloves can be mischief-makers in disguise. Their interiors can snag ring prongs and diamonds and other gemstones become loose and subsequently lost. Be extra careful when removing your gloves or mittens.

With these tips at hand, get ready to don your most-amazing bling in celebration of Sunday’s Academy Awards and dress like the celebrity you feel. Stay tuned as we recap the most gorgeous red carpet accessories. Get ready to see the best Oscar jewelry yet!

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