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Watch Insurance

Get protection for your luxury watch or watch collection backed by a century of expertise. 


New to watch insurance?

Let’s start at the beginning. Why do you need watch insurance?

Watch insurance is the best way to protect your luxury, high end watches and watch collections. It safeguards you far beyond your watch warranty and often surpasses homeowners or renters insurance with higher coverage limits and more comprehensive protection.

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Rates start at only 1-2% of the watch’s value per year.


What does watch insurance cover?


With a policy from us, you get protection from the most common dangers to watches. Our policies are “all perils” policies. That means we cover all potential risks unless expressly excluded. 


You left your watch somewhere—on a beach towel or in a public bathroom. It’s out there somewhere and you just can’t find it. Stay calm. It’s covered.


While it’s upsetting to think about, watch theft is a real and frightening threat. We protect you from financial loss in the event your watch is stolen, so you can replace your cherished timepiece and get back to your life.


From shattered crystals, crowns, bracelets, and stems to movement issues, you can’t always shield your watch from everyday life. Accidents will happen. We’ll cover that. 


Watches can disappear in mysterious ways. But even during the times you can’t explain what happened to your piece, you’re still covered.

Natural Disasters

We understand natural disasters can strike at any moment, that’s why our coverage is made for real life. If a flood, tornado, hurricane or earthquake causes your jewelry to be lost or ruined, you're still covered.

Worldwide Travel

Wherever you go in the world, your watch insurance goes with you while traveling. Jet set with confidence, knowing that your watch is protected.

Inflation Protection**

Follow the market. We automatically adjust your coverage limit to try to help compensate for inflation and market fluctuations.

*Subject to availability. Coverage may not be available on all policies.
**Applied at policy renewal ONLY if the item’s appraisal is older than two years. Adjustment may not fully cover inflation and market fluctuations. Maintain a current appraisal from your jeweler for optimal protection.

What's Not Covered

We like to be upfront about what's covered, so you're not surprised. Our policies cover most common risks but don’t include war and military action, rodent and pest infestation, intentional actions or voluntary parting, deterioration, cleaning and inspections.


What does watch insurance cost?


Watch insurance rates depend on your location and personal details, starting at only 1-2% of its value. You pick your deductible, with options available as low as $0.


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for a $12,000 watch in Chicago (60614) with a $100 deductible

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for a $7,500 watch in Albany (12204) with a $100 deductible

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for a $10,000 watch in Seattle (98107) with a $250 deductible

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for a $15,000 watch in Fort Lauderdale (33304) with a $500 deductible

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for a $20,000 watch in Phoenix (85003) with a $500 deductible

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for a $5,000 watch in Atlanta (30305) with a $0 deductible


The importance of biannual watch appraisals

Watch prices and values can fluctuate greatly. Often, a watch's appraised value exceeds its MSRP. For instance, your $10,000 retail watch may be valued at $30,000 due to its rarity and availability. This emphasizes the importance of regularly appraising your watch every two years and insuring it for its current appraised value.


How to insure a watch

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Number one

Check your rate

Click check your rate and apply in under 5 minutes. Have your appraisal or receipt on hand to make applying a breeze. 

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Number two

Apply online, pay instantly

Complete our quick and easy online application or call us at 888-884-2424 to speak with a real person. 

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Number three

Wear It

If you ever need to file a claim, we’ll work with your trusted jeweler of choice to repair or replace your timepiece with an item of the same kind and quality. 






Why choose Jewelers Mutual?


Our reputation is backed by nearly 12,000 5-star reviews on Trustpilot. We proudly insure over one million customers across the United States and Canada. Protect your watches with the only insurer founded by jewelers, with over a century of experience in the jewelry insurance industry. 


Excellent company!!!

After suffering a recent loss, JM made the entire process seamless and the turnaround time incredible. Simply WOW!

George C.
Trustpilot Review

First jewelry policy I ever had

It was seamless to get coverage, exceedingly reasonable in cost and the representatives were great.

Trustpilot Review

Great value

We had to make two claims on the same watch. Jewelers Mutual and our jeweler took care of everything, making it hassle free.

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What kinds of watches should you insure?

Watch collection

Dedicated watch insurance is best for high-value timepieces and valuable watch collections to help minimize financial loss in case of theft, loss or damage.


Warranties typically don’t cover loss or damage

Watch insurance is not the same as a warranty. Your warranty normally gives you protection against manufacturing flaws or defects. A Jewelers Mutual watch insurance policy protects you against loss, theft, accidental damage and more.


Your homeowners policy may not be enough


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Limited Coverage

Homeowners insurance typically only covers you up to $2,500 without a rider and may not cover mysterious loss or disappearance.


Rate Increases

Your watch claim could raise your homeowners policy rate and even lead to policy cancelations. Avoid these costs with Jewelers Mutual.


Compare homeowners to watch insurance

Is it worth it to insure my watch?

Watch collection

Watch insurance is worth it if...

You wear your watch often or worry about wearing it

You’d be devastated by its sentimental loss

Your watch is valued at $1,500 or more

You're unable to cover the cost to replace it

Your watch has a design that could be easily damaged

Your watch’s value increases over time

You travel often or are planning to go on a trip

You don't want to settle for a replacement of lesser quality than the original


More ways to protect your watch


Invest in a high-quality safe or watch box 

Protect your watches with a robust watch box or secure safe. Store in a location shielded from sunlight, temperature, and humidity to prevent damage.


Maintain a consistent care and cleaning schedule 

Clean your watches regularly with a soft, lint-free cloth. Refer to your manual or seek professional advice for a more comprehensive cleaning.


Give it a break

Rotate your watches to minimize wear and tear and extend their life, beauty, and precision.


Remove during high-impact activities 

Avoid exposing your watch to unnecessary impacts or exposure to harsh elements.


Reappraise your watch at least once every 2 years

The value of watches can change over time due to factors like market trends, demand, and rarity. Update your appraisal to ensure you have an accurate assessment of its current worth.



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