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How to Build Your Own Engagement Ring

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Have you been imagining your ideal engagement ring, but can’t seem to find it anywhere? Despite having a very specific vision of the style you want, it may be that you haven’t come across a single ring that includes all of your preferred criteria. If that’s the case, you might consider working with your local jeweler or an independent designer to build your own engagement ring from scratch.


Why Choose a Custom Engagement Ring?

Another great reason to go with a custom design and build your own engagement ring is you might have an heirloom engagement ring passed down to you from a loved one, but it’s just not your style. If that’s the case, you can preserve the center diamond for inclusion in the creation of a brand-new engagement ring that honors your family’s history within an updated design that is more to your taste.


What Can Be Customized?


Type of Metal

When building your own engagement ring, you have the ability to customize many different aspects of the ring to make it truly unique and special. One of the most significant choices is the type of metal used for the band, which can include options like white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, platinum, and more.

Gemstone Features

You can also select the type and size of the diamond or other gemstones that will be featured in the ring, including factors like cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. When selecting the type of diamond or gemstone cut for an engagement ring, you have many options to choose from each with their own unique characteristics and qualities.

Setting Style 

The setting style and design of the ring can also be tailored to your preferences, whether you prefer a classic solitaire style or something more intricate and detailed.

Building your own engagement ring gives you a chance to create a truly personalized piece of jewelry that reflects your individual taste and style.


What Steps Should You Take When Customizing?

When you build your own engagement ring, one that’s tailored specifically to your vision and design preferences, you need to work with a jeweler who understands your needs.

Do your homework:

  • Visit a few jewelry stores to see what custom design work they have done in the past and also research different diamond cuts and settings online.
  • Corral images of what you like on Instagram or Pinterest to help communicate your style preferences to the person who will be creating your ring.
  • As with any engagement ring purchase, make sure you have established a budget range in advance.

Not every jeweler is up for custom projects. You will have to find out if the one you want to work with is—they may not have the bandwidth or resources to fulfill your vision. Same with designers. 

Furthermore, not every jeweler is up for engagement ring redesigns using heirloom or upcycled stones but will happily build you an engagement ring from scratch using their own resources and materials. Sourcing the perfect stone for you can definitely be part of the fun for both parties.  

All in all, you should build your own engagement ring with a pro who is excited by the idea of custom design commissions, has lots of ideas and solutions at the ready, shares your sense of aesthetics, and is easy to work with. 


What Are Some Drawbacks?

A custom engagement ring usually costs more than a ready-made engagement ring, takes longer to receive, and you cannot touch or feel it until it’s finished. You also need to be decisive—many jewelers and designers charge extra for tweaks to the design once work on the engagement ring has begun. 


How Long Does It Take to Design a Custom Engagement Ring?

From concept to completion, the entire process of designing your engagement ring can take anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of months, depending on several factors: the complexity of the design, the workload of the designer, and the amount of time it takes to source the materials your ring requires. 

Most custom engagement ring design commissions start with an initial consultation (some jewelers charge for this, applicable to the final amount due should you decide to work with them). As creatives, they need to charge for this in the event that you put the project on hold or select another designer. 

Based on your design and style guidelines, the jeweler will submit a sketch (or several sketches) that are aligned with your vision. This can happen in real time or after your initial meeting. 

Many engagement ring designers create custom ring design concepts using a 3D computer-aided design format for a more realistic picture of the final product. 

Once you have given final approval, the jeweler will move the project to the production phase. When you build your own engagement ring with a jeweler, the process usually allows for a couple rounds of feedback. The terms of collaboration vary from jeweler to jeweler—including the number of review phases and opportunities to voice concerns—and should be spelled out in a formal contract that you both sign and feel good about. 


How Much Does a Custom Engagement Ring Cost?

When you build your own engagement ring from scratch, it’s kind of like getting a couture gown made just for you, instead of buying one off the rack. They typically are more expensive. It’s hard to put a hard number on what a custom engagement ring costs since there are so many variables, but some designers and jewelers have a minimum spend associated with custom projects (it could be $1,500 or more). When you build your own engagement ring, you are paying for the designer’s labor (defined as time spent on the design, including sketching, sourcing materials, problem-solving and producing it at the bench) on top of the cost of materials (like gold or diamonds). As with any engagement ring you buy, price factors include the size, quality, and rarity of the center stone, and the type of metal used for the setting. 

We recommend discussing your budget and general ideas with a few jewelers and designers you are interested in working with to get a clear understanding of their fees for custom engagement ring designs. You may find that it varies quite a lot. 


Where Can You Get a Custom Engagement Ring?

From local jewelry stores to online jewelry retailers, there are plenty of pros who can help you build your own engagement ring. Many of these pros offer online consultations to discuss ring styles and your budget, and may even have a virtual design tool or will be willing to work with you via email or video calls to build your engagement ring.

In the most successful client/designer collaborations, the client likes the person making their engagement ring and respects their expertise. The vibe has to be positive and the process should be enjoyable, even exciting. Move on if you don’t feel respected, heard, and understood.

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