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Does Jewelers Mutual Insure Synthetic Diamonds? Yes!

on Apr 13, 2021 12:40 PM
Can you insure lab grown diamonds?

Synthetic or laboratory-grown (lab grown) diamonds have been growing in popularity throughout the last few years. You may be wondering if it makes sense to insure your synthetic diamond jewelry.  

Ask yourself: 

  • Would I be unable to cover the cost to replace it? 
  • Would I be devastated about the sentimental loss? 

If you answered yes, you should think about insuring your lab grown diamond.

What is a synthetic diamond? 

A synthetic diamond is considered a real diamond. They have the same physical and optical properties, but the difference is they are made in a factory rather than the Earth.  

Can you insure a synthetic diamond?


 Type of Diamond  Insurable?
 Natural  YES
 Synthetic  YES


Do you need an appraisal to insure a synthetic diamond?

Because natural diamonds and synthetic diamonds are different, it is important to have an appraiser accurately assess your diamond. This will guarantee you are insuring the diamond for its worth and will receive an accurate repair or replacement if you need to file a claim for loss, disappearance, theft or damage.  
Whether you opt for synthetic diamonds or natural diamonds, make sure they are protected with jewelry insurance.  

For more information on jewelry insurance, read our Jewelry Insurance Guide.