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Say ‘Happy Anniversary’ With These Anniversary Gemstones


anniversary gemstones

My, how time flies. Maybe it feels like you just got married and now you're getting ready to celebrate your first wedding anniversary.

That's how Jewelers Mutual Group's marketing specialist, Ben, felt. Being married is great, but has also proved to be a big adjustment for him. House hunting, joint checking, the in-laws, authority over the TV remote control. Where does it end?

Needless to say, Ben admitted to his fair share of blunders, or what he preferred to call “learning experiences” as a rookie husband. Ben knows that if there’s one thing a husband MUST NOT mess up is remembering the wedding anniversary.

What gift is appropriate for such a special occasion? What object could possibly represent the significance of such a special event and serve as a timeless reminder of the vows they made that day?

What better gift than jewelry - specifically jewelry featuring anniversary gemstones!

Gemstone jewelry has been given as an anniversary gift dating back to medieval times. In 1922, Emily Post, a bestselling author of several books on etiquette, published a complete list of suggested wedding anniversary gems. Over the years, the list of anniversary gems has grown and is now endorsed by several major gemology associations.

Take a look below at the complete list of anniversary gemstones recognized by leading jewelry associations.

Anniversary Gemstones

1st – Gold
2nd – Garnet
3rd – Pearl
4th – Blue Topaz
5th – Sapphire
6th – Amethyst
7th – Onyx
8th – Tourmaline
9th – Lapis Lazuli
10th – Diamond
11th – Turquoise
12th – Jade
13th – Citrine
14th – Opal
15th – Ruby
16th – Peridot
17th – Watches
18th – Cat’s Eye Chrysoberyl
19th – Aquamarine
20th – Emerald

21st – Iolite
22nd – Spinel
23rd – Topaz
24th – Tanzanite
25th – Silver Jubilee
30th – Pearl Jubilee
35th – Emerald
40th – Ruby
45th – Sapphire
50th – Golden Jubilee
55th – Alexandrite
60th – Diamond Jubilee
80th – Ruby Jubilee

For more information about gemstones, as well as proper care and cleaning of your gemstone jewelry, visit Gem Institute of America, American Gem Trade Association, Jewelers of America, Canadian Jewellers Association, and American Gem Society.

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Editor's Note: This post was originally published in 2011 and has been updated.