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The Most Popular Engagement Ring Styles Right Now

on Dec 27, 2022 11:00 AM
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What are the most popular engagement ring styles? Whether you’re searching online for your dream engagement ring or visiting local jewelers, a lot of the styles that pop up can start to feel like carbon copies of each other and perhaps seem a little too vanilla for couples looking to mix things up and step out of the box. Plus, the sheer magnitude of options can be overwhelming. 

So where are all the unique engagement rings hiding? 

If you’re seeking inspiration beyond the classic choices in order a find a unique engagement ring that feels a little fresher, edgier and au courant, there are quite a few innovative and eye-catching styles to consider. Be sure to add photos of them to your Pinterest board or save them on Instagram to keep track of your favorites.

The Knot recently surveyed more than 5,000 engaged couples for its 2021 Jewelry & Engagement Study. According to this study, the round brilliant diamond still dominates with 41% popularity while the oval shaped-engagement ring has steadily gained traction; from 2% in 2015 to 19% in 2021. In 2021, nearly one in four engagement rings featured a man-made stone like a lab-grown diamond or moissanite, up 11% from the previous two years. 

Even though the round brilliant diamond solitaire engagement ring is the most popular engagement ring style by far, jewelers report an increase in interest in stones and settings that are more individualistic and eccentric. Even if you don’t consider yourself the trend-setting type, you’ll find this article helpful in finding a unique engagement ring that’s been vetted by cool girls on the coasts or suddenly thrust into the spotlight by the occasional celebrity bride—more on that below. 

What are the most popular engagement rings at this precise moment? If your heart’s urging you to find a unique design beyond the typical round brilliant diamond solitaire, these trending styles are a great place to start.


1. Oval diamonds

Oval diamond ring

This cut has been trending significantly for several seasons and has even become the go-to diamond choice for several celebrities, gracing the fingers of Simone Biles, Kourtney Kardashian, Ariana Grande, Hailey Bieber and many more celebrity brides. Besides the celebrity cachet, jewelry experts say the oval shape elongates and flatters the finger; an oval also tends to “face up” a little bit lager than its stated carat size. If this is the shape you love, you can go simple and clean at Greenwich St. Jewelers, ornate and opulent at Christopher Designs or opt for something a little more avant garde at Rebecca Overmann.


2. Lab-grown diamonds

Often more affordable, these diamonds can be just as sparkling as mined diamonds—and give great bang for your buck. If you’re wondering if anything created in a laboratory can be as appealing as something found in nature, many brides would say the answer is yes, thanks to emerging technologies. The best lab-grown stones can cost 20-30% less than mined diamonds and thus, have become one the most popular engagement ring styles for those who want to maximize their budget without compromising quality. Another significant factor influencing the popularity of lab-grown diamond engagement rings, is the eco-conscious mindset of Millennials and Gen Z-ers, as lab-grown diamonds are marketed as a more earth-friendly, conflict-free choice. More credibility: Even luxury brands are putting weight behind lab-grown stones. More credibility: LVMH is on board. Also check out gorgeous engagement ring styles by Oscar Massin, Jean Dousset, and Brilliant Earth.


3. Toi et Moi 

For some, two stones are better than one, and this unique engagement ring style (French for “you and me”) doubles down on the sparkle. Featuring two gems set alongside each other to symbolize two souls uniting as one, this engagement ring style was first introduced in 1796, when Napoleon Bonaparte famously proposed to his love, soon-to-be Empress Josephine, with a sapphire and diamond toi et moi engagement ring design. In 2022, musician Machine Gun Kelly proposed to actress Megan Fox with a custom emerald and diamond ring by Stephen Webster. Other designers excelling at the toi et moi style include Jemma Wynne and Lindsey Scoggins.


4. Colored gemstones

Blue colored gemstone ring

If colorful bling is your thing, sapphires, emeralds, and rubies are the top choices for engagement rings. Emeralds are an “it” stone in fine fashion jewelry—because the color has dominated fashion runways—and it’s perennial on the red carpet, too. Another fashionable alternative to diamonds is the striking sapphire engagement ring—and not just the blue variety that Kate Middleton, now Princess of Wales, revitalized as an engagement ring trend when Prince William proposed with his late mother Princess Diana’s oval sapphire ring from Garrard. Sapphires also come in pink, teal, green, lavender, orange, and yellow and designers who specialize in unique engagement rings (like Jennie KwonIO Collective, and Valerie Madison) have them in abundance. Montana sapphire engagement rings, featuring sapphires mined right here in the USA, are gaining popularity among couples who want ethically sourced stones with a transparent supply chain. The most popular Montana sapphire engagement ring color is teal, but the stone also comes in a variety of hues, ranging from medium blue to green. 


5. Colored diamonds

Black diamond colored ring

From the rare and highly unusual pink and blue diamonds to bright canary yellow diamonds, colored diamonds have recently been fetching millions at auction—and getting lots of attention from the media. Since there is a finite supply of this material, it fetches a premium, but brands like Graff, J. Fine and Tiffany & Co. offer quite a few colored diamond engagement ring options for discerning brides with supersized budgets. With colored diamonds making news headlines—including the Rahaminov green diamond engagement ring given to Mrs. Affleck in 2022—brides are taking notice and considering the option in earnest. Thanks to the “J.Lo effect”, Google searches for ‘green engagement ring’ accelerated by 1,455% after her announcement. Another celebrity, Sarah Jessica Parker, recently flashed a black diamond ring as Carrie Bradshaw in the television series, And Just Like That, the Sex and the City reboot. For the “Carrie-inspired” women around the world, the ring has become a must-have and requests for black stones have increased.


6. East/West setting

This unique engagement ring style works for elongated shapes like marquises, ovals, and emerald cuts. The center stone is set horizontally for a fresh and aesthetically appealing look, shifting the traditional north/south orientation. This unusual setting typically spans the full width of the finger, making the center stone look larger. Inspired by the Art Deco movement of the 1920s and 1930s, modern designers like Anna Sheffield, Anita Ko, and Artemer are making the East/West setting is one of the easiest ways to make a statement without completely bucking tradition.


7. Gender-neutral

These rings are a great option for same sex couples and those who identify as non-binary. Gender-neutral rings are neither an engagement ring nor a wedding band, but something in between. From petite to bold and chunky, designs vary but are neither feminine nor masculine in look and feel—think streamlined, clean, and elegant-with-an-edge. Designers who excel at this look include Chris Ploof, Automic Gold, and Sun & Selene.


8. Upcycled

Giving new life to an heirloom diamond with a completely custom engagement ring design has become a popular choice among couples who want a unique engagement ring that that doesn’t look like anyone else’s. They might also save money providing their own stone; repurposing an old diamond into a new design is also a more sustainable choice than buying something newly minted.  If retail jewelers don’t have the time to devote to such projects, indie designers like Original Eve, Katey Walker, and Julie Lamb will welcome the creative challenge.


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