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What to Do When You Can't Get Your Ring Off

on Nov 3, 2016 2:18 PM

Man removing stuck wedding ring

Maybe it’s hot out. Maybe you wore your ring when you shouldn’t have. (Swollen fingers from working out, anyone?) Maybe you tried on a friend's ring - a friend whose fingers are slightly smaller than yours.

Now you can’t get that ring off!

Panic sets in and you pull and twist until your finger is red. You think: "That's it. I'm definitely going to have to cut my finger off."

Good news: we have a couple tricks that will get that ring off in no time. And you even get to keep all your fingers.

1. Elevation

This one's simple. Keep your hand above your shoulder for a few minutes.

Did the swelling go down?

If not, try this ...

2. Soap and Water

Mix a slippery solution to reduce friction between your skin and the ring.

Choose something that’s safe for your skin and your ring. A gentle dish soap mixed with cold water should do the trick. (Use cold water to help constrict blood vessels.) Gently spread a generous amount all along the finger and slowly twist to remove the ring.

No luck?

Last, but not least ...

3. String Method

You'll need a string, ribbon, dental floss or elastic band for this trick.

1. Slip one end of the string underneath your ring, then you wrap the string several times around your finger, up to your knuckle. Do this tightly, but not so tight that you are in pain.

2. Unwind the string from the bottom where you slipped the string under the ring. The ring should slowly move with it.

3. Repeat if necessary, until the ring is off your finger.

4. Celebrate! Your finger is free!

Check out this video from The Today Show to see how it’s done.


Still not budging?

You may need to seek professional help.

If you’re in pain or the ring is stuck due to injury, head to your doctor first.

After your doctor says it's okay to remove the ring (or if you don't need medical help at all), call your jeweler. They will know how to cut in a way that will hopefully save the ring from any further damage.

Depending on the type of metal, the jeweler may be able to resize and solder your ring back together.

Know the pain of a stuck ring? Tell us how you solved it in the comments.

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