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7 Rules on How to Pack Jewelry for a Move

on Jan 16, 2020 10:00 AM
how to pack jewelry for moving

After the initial excitement of moving to a new place wears off, there are so many things to consider when moving. Unfortunately, what many people tend to overlook in their preparation is how to best take care of their special valuables and jewelry.

Jewelry is one of the most commonly stolen items, with or without a move. Add the chaos that comes with packing boxes, hiring movers and loading the moving truck and it’s the perfect recipe for jewelry loss, damage and theft.

We want to make sure your jewelry is safe during a move. Read these tips on how to best pack jewelry while moving.

How to Pack Jewelry For a Move

  • Keep valuable jewelry with you at all times when moving, not in a moving box left with movers. If you’re moving locally, keep your items in a safety deposit box at a local bank.
  • Never put your jewelry in storage. Too often it gets lost with other belongings or worse, stolen.
  • Remove jewelry when you’re doing heavy lifting to prevent such damages as bent and scratched bands or chipped stones.
  • Be careful with packing earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Pack jewelry items in separate compartments to avoid tangling and scratches.
  • Account for your items. Take pictures of each piece and make a detailed list of the description including the serial number if there is one. Make two copies; one to carry with you and store the other in a separate safe location, such as a safety deposit box.
  • Get your items re-evaluated or reappraised to determine their current values and replacement costs. Then have your insurance coverage adjusted accordingly. Copy the appraisals and receipts and keep one set with your personal documentation and another in a safety deposit box.
  • Make sure your jewelry is properly insured. When it comes to your homeowners or rental policy, jewelry typically is insured only up to about $1,000. Plus, these policies often do not cover mysterious disappearance - the most commonly reported cause of jewelry loss.

Don't forget to update us with your new address information (it could affect your coverage) in your online account or call us at 888-884-2424. While you can take considerable steps to stop your jewelry from disappearing while moving to your new destination, nothing can give you complete security.

With the proper precautions in place, we wish you safe, happy travels to your new home! If you don't have jewelry insurance and are interested in receiving a quote in minutes, click the button below. No personal information needed.


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