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Should You Sleep with Your Engagement Ring On? [QUICK TIP]

on Feb 8, 2017 12:19 PM

Should you sleep with your engagement ring on?

You love your engagement ring. It’s your favorite piece of jewelry and you can’t imagine not wearing it. Ever.

If you want to keep your sparkler in tip-top shape, though, there are definitely a few circumstances in which jewelry experts recommend removing your bling.

Should You Sleep with Your Engagement Ring On?

It's best not to.

While sleeping isn't the most dangerous activity for your ring, better safe than sorry.

Risks include:

  • Difficulty removing your ring in the morning due to swelling overnight
  • Hitting the ring just right on your bed or nightstand and cracking it
  • Scratching yourself or your partner, or snagging sheets or clothes, especially with a raised setting

Generally, the less often you wear your ring, the fewer chances there are for damage.

Find out when else you need to remove your ring with our free cleaning & care  guide. <>

That being said, it can be less hazardous to wear your precious bling during low-risk activities if you’re forgetful or don’t have a designated place to put it. In those cases you may be more likely to lose it and the risks of removing it might outweigh the benefits.

When you do take your ring off, always store it in a safe place. A ring dish, jewelry box or pouch will help prevent your ring from getting bumped or lost.

So tonight, before you tuck in, take off your ring, store it safely and drift off to sleep with peace of mind.


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