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The Forgotten Step to Planning a Valentine's Day Proposal

on Jan 17, 2022 10:00 AM
Valentines proposal

With Valentine’s Day less than a month away, flowers and chocolates are not the only things in abundance. In 2020, Valentines Day was the most popular day to get engaged, per The Wedding Wire. COVID-19 may have been a factor since it was one of the last holidays to be celebrated pre-pandemic. Nevertheless, it's one of the most romantic holidays, so we're not surprised many couples chose this day for an engagement.

Since there are so many details that go into planning a Valentine's Day proposal, it’s easy to forget a critical step – insuring the ring! This is the very first step one can take to guarantee the ring will always be protected by life's accidents.

A recent Jewelers Mutual survey of 659 recently engaged men found that 50 percent of men did not insure the ring after purchase, leaving the jewelry without protection in cases of loss, theft or damage.

When Should You Insure the Engagement Ring?

Applying directly after purchase is the most ideal time to get protection; it's fast, easy and more affordable than you may think.

Curious to see how much jewelry insurance could cost you? Getting a quote will take less than a minute and requires no personal information.

A marriage proposal is a stressful event, but ensuring the ring is kept safe until the question is popped doesn't have to be. Here are five tips on protecting the ring until the big day:

How to Protect the Engagement Ring

  1. Store the ring in a safe place. 66 percent of men reported in the survey that they stored the ring at their place of residence after purchase. This is not a safe option.
  2. Ensure your partner doesn't find it. Hiding the ring at home raises the potential that someone will discover it. Keeping the ring at a bank safety deposit box will prevent this from happening and also keep the ring safe from theft.
  3. Document it. Have you made a list of all of the things you will need for a proposal? Flowers, music, location? Don't forget to also keep an accurate appraisal of the ring. Make two copies and store one separate from your jewelry. Also include a photo or video of the ring.
  4. Keep the ring with you and don't leave it unattended in a car or suitcase. If traveling to a special destination for a proposal, don't hand your jewelry bag to hotel or restaurant staff. Carry it personally.
  5. Insure it right. Jewelers Mutual provides personal jewelry protection against loss, damage, theft and mysterious disappearance wherever your travels take you, worldwide. So get the right insurance then relax and wait for the “Yes!” you are expecting.

Good luck! We can’t wait to hear all about it. And don't forget the insurance!


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