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Where to Store an Engagement Ring

Engagement ring with other rings in a jewelry box

Your engagement ring is one of your most treasured possessions—it’s held that status since the moment it was placed on your finger. If you’re newly engaged, you already know that it’s pretty much impossible not to down look down at your engagement ring and smile (something you have likely been doing on repeat!). 

But that first blush of excitement may soon bring other feelings, too, like worry and anxiety over losing your precious bling or somehow damaging it through everyday wear and tear. Fear not! There are plenty of practical things you can do on a daily basis to keep your engagement ring safe and looking its best.

Below, you’ll find the ultimate guide for protecting your engagement ring, including expert recommendations for the best (and worst) places to store it. Practicing good habits now will allow you to take pleasure in the sparkle of your engagement ring for a lifetime. Let’s get into it!


Where to Store Your Engagement Ring  

Where are you supposed to keep your engagement ring when you’re not wearing it? Ahead, we’ll share storage ideas and tips to keep your engagement ring safe and secure at home and on the road.   

But first, some quick guidelines:   

  • Establish one memorable place in your home to keep your engagement ring – that way, you’ll always know where to find it.  
  • Keep your engagement ring somewhere cool and dry and just in case, away from sunlight (prolonged exposure to UV rays can sometimes negatively impact the appearance of your diamond).
  • Consider placing a silica gel pack within the jewelry box or pouch housing your engagement ring to soak up extra moisture and humidity. 



Best Places to Store Your Engagement Ring


The original ring box   

Did you save the box your engagement ring came in? This could be an ideal place for safekeeping, especially if the box features padding or cushioning to keep your ring securely in place.  

Jewelry box 

A traditional jewelry box is a tried-and-true storage option for your engagement ring. Just make sure the interior of the box is lined with a soft fabric like velvet or cloth. It should also have a lid that closes properly to keep air from getting in. Ideally, your jewelry box has divided sections, compartments, or slots to keep your engagement ring separate and scratch-free from other pieces. 

Jewelry tray  

A jewelry tray is like a jewelry box but can be conveniently inserted into a dresser or armoire to keep it out of sight. Choose one with plush lining and separate compartments.  

Individual fabric pouch  

Keep your engagement ring discreetly and securely tucked away in a small pouch. The pouch’s material should be buttery soft – silk, velvet, or cotton are good choices, so your engagement ring doesn’t get scratched. Make sure it has a pull-string, flap, or button that snaps to keep it sealed shut. A small clear zip-top plastic bag also works in a pinch. 


For even more protection, consider investing in a jewelry safe. There are many jewelry safe options to choose from including those with dial, electronic or biometric locks. If you go this route, wrap your engagement ring in a soft cloth or place it in a tightly sealed ring box for protective storage inside the safe.   

Portable jewelry ring case (for traveling) 

For safe and convenient on-the-go ring storage, consider a compact-sized travel jewelry case. Today, there are many well-designed options to keep your engagement ring safe and organized, including ones with plush-lined ring rolls.  

If you really want to travel with your engagement ring worry-free, jewelry insurance is your best option. A Jewelers Mutual policy offers worldwide travel coverage*, including protection against loss, damage, and theft.  

*Coverage is only available to residents of the United States or Canada. Coverage not available in Quebec. 


Worst Places to Store Your Engagement Ring 

When it comes to the worst places to store (or even temporarily set down) your engagement ring, you should avoid the following locations…

In a drawer

Tossing your engagement ring into a random drawer (like the ones on your nightstand or your bureau) is a definite no-no. Not only do you risk damaging your engagement ring, but you could also forget where you put it! 

On a counter or windowsill

While it may seem convenient at the moment, setting your engagement ring down on a counter, windowsill or any type of high shelf can result in it falling to the floor. It could bounce and land somewhere inexplicably hard to find—to the point that it’s like it vanished into thin air. The impact of the fall could also cause breakage of the stone or setting.   

Near the kitchen sink

If you remember nothing else: Keep your engagement ring away from water faucets, drains, and garbage disposals!  

In the bathroom

Once again, drains are the enemy. Also, bathrooms can get damp and humid which can lead to your engagement ring developing rust or tarnish. 

In a box or case without proper lining

Your engagement ring needs a soft, cozy place to hang out. 

Public areas

Taking your engagement ring off in public could result in never seeing it again. So please don’t do this under any circumstances. 

Your pocket

It’s risky to keep your engagement ring in a pant or shirt pocket. It could fall out, or you could forget it’s there. It can also end up taking a few spins in the washing machine. If you need to temporarily store your engagement ring somewhere (like right before you tuck into a messy lobster dinner), try the inside zip pocket of your handbag—but don’t let said handbag out of your sight! 

Locker at the gym

Locker room theft is a real problem at health clubs and gyms. Don’t become a statistic. Leave your engagement ring at home.  

Proper storage is just one way to keep your engagement ring safe. You can protect your investment further by obtaining personal jewelry insurance through Jewelers Mutual. It’s an affordable option that covers loss, damage, and disappearances. You can check your rate by clicking the button below. 




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