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Spring Cleaning Guide: Jewelry Edition

Spring cleaning: jewelry edition

Spring has a unique way of putting that extra hop in our step, adding a special sweetness to the air, and giving us the innate urge to clean.

As you scrub the floors, clear the closets and wash the walls, don’t forget to open that jewelry box for an annual jewelry cleaning. It’s likely that your bling has lost its zing.

But are you cleaning your jewelry correctly? Before you reach for the toothpaste or chemical-laden jewelry cleaner, check out this spring cleaning guide for jewelry.

How to Spring Clean Your Jewelry

Does Toothpaste Clean Jewelry?

One common misconception jewelry owners have is that it’s okay to clean their jewelry with toothpaste. Although toothpaste appears to give diamonds that extra sparkle, it can cause damage.

There are abrasives in toothpaste that can scratch your metal and stones, so toothpaste should never be used.

Avoid Cleaning Jewelry Over the Sink 

As obvious as it sounds, never clean your jewelry over the sink!

Those tiny pieces get slippery when wet and can pop out of your hand and down the drain in seconds.

Be Mindful of Cleaner Labels

When shopping for jewelry cleaning supplies, keep an eye on the label. There are some jewelry cleaners for diamonds only and others for silver, while still others specifically for pearls, opals and emeralds.

When in doubt, use warm water and a new, soft bristle toothbrush.

Other Jewelry Care Tips:

  • We recommend having your jewelry cleaned and inspected every 6 months. (The pieces you wear most often are the pieces you’ll want to have inspected more frequently.)
  • Visit your jeweler anytime you bump your ring and think you may have a loose stone or chip.
  • During yearly inspections, have your jeweler check the current value of your jewelry to make sure you have adequate insurance coverage in the event of loss or damage.

Watch a demonstration of the safest way to clean your diamond jewelry at home. You can also checkout our guide for even more jewelry cleaning and care tips.

When to Remove Your Jewelry

While jewelry hazards lurk year round, spring brings its own crop of activities dangerous to jewelry.

Remove your jewelry when:

  • Gardening. It's not just dirt that's a problem. Many a ring has been flung off with a glove, too.
  • Cleaning. Bleach and other heavy-duty cleaners can wear away at precious metals.
  • Exercising. Ready to pick up that tennis racquet or golf club? Put down those rings first.

If you ever find yourself debating whether or not an activity could damage your jewelry, remember: better safe than sorry. Just make sure you put that jewelry away somewhere safe!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published May 15, 2014 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.